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Primul client- Treatment of the month

Buna tuturor!!!

Aceasta este prima mea clienta si tare ma mandresc datorita rezultatului si faptului ca aceasta si-a exprimat parerea pe blogul colegiului la care merg si vreau sa impartasesc cu voi aceasta!!!! Este vorba de o aplicare de matase pe unghia naturala un proces destul de nou si care arata foarte bine din punctul meu de vedere!



Pupici XXX 

Final result1 (Custom)

Treatment of the Month: Silk Nail Enhancements

For those that have read my Treatment of the month reviews in the past, you will know that I am not very experienced when it comes to beauty treatments of any kind. I think this is why I am probably one of the best guinea pigs at London College of Beauty Therapy! This also means that I was completely unprepared for this month’s TotM: Silk Nail Enhancements.
I had visions of emerging from the Nail bar with long talons ready for Halloween; fortunately, for me, this could not have been further from reality!

I am lucky to have naturally long nails; however they have a lot of ridges in them and can become quite flaky too. My therapist Cristina therefore suggested that Silk Overlays would be the best for me as they give a really natural effect and protect the nail, while smoothing the appearance and creating a great base for a paint, or buff finish.
before1 (Custom)
My nails before
Cristina began by sterilising both of our hands to make sure there were no germs lurking! She started the treatment by pushing back my cuticles and removing any unsightly bits of skin. This is done to allow for the greatest area on the nail bed to show so that the final result will look its best.
setup (Custom)
All the equipment set up and ready to go!
After this she sterilised my hands again to get rid of any residue left by the cuticle remover.
I had no idea that the Silk Nail Enhancements would use something that actually did look like silk! The overlay comes on a paper backed ribbon, which can be measured and cut to each individual nails size. Cristina then rounded off one end to fit my cuticle, before removing it from the backing paper and smoothing onto my nail. Once the full set of Silk overlays had been applied it looked funny seeing them waving around in the air conditioning! At this point I could not imagine how Cristina would transform my fingers into anything resembling a natural nail!
silks (Custom)
Mid way through the treatment!
This was until she applied the resin! The resin is a clear liquid that looks and smells similar to the nail glue you buy in packs of false nails from a shop! Cristina applied this to each nail, spreading it across the nail bed using the plastic applicator. Once it seeped into the silk, the resin turned the once white fabric transparent. The resin was applied to each nail before being sprayed with an activator, which would help to set the resin and make it go hard. This was repeated twice. If you were having fibreglass overlays this process would have been repeated three times.

Now the silk was solid on each nail bed the excess fabric could be trimmed, before being filed down to the natural free nail edge. I requested a square/oval shape, but that is totally down to personal preference! Once the shape was in place Cristina began the buffing process. She first filed across the whole nail bed with quite a coarse nail file. This was to ensure a really smooth surface before she moved on to using a buffer to smooth out any scratches that may have been caused by this process. Cristina swept away all the dust that had been created by the filing with what looked like a large bronzer or blusher brrush! By building up to a finer grain on the file, Cristina was able to achieve a really shinny finish, that looked as if I had clear polish on.
Final 2 (Custom)

At this stage Cristina could have applied a varnish as usual to the nails, and she assured me that I would be able to remove this with acetone free nail varnish remover without damaging the silk overlays. The final result was a healthy natural looking nail. I finally got rid of all the nasty ridges in my nail bed and there were no flaky bits at all! I was so pleased with the result; my nails looked brand new without looking false!
before 2 (Custom)Final result1 (Custom)
BEFORE and AFTER... not a ridge in sight!
The overlays should last me around two weeks before I need to return for in-fills, which should prolong the treatments again for another two weeks.

This is quite a lengthy treatment so if you are looking for a quick fix then perhaps stick to a mini manicure, however it is perfect if you have a bit more time (around 2 hours) and want a longer lasting end result.

In normal salons this treatment would cost approximately £25, however at LCBT Salon you can enjoy Silk and Fibreglass Overlays for just £14 and in-fills for just £7.50.

This is definitely worth trying, particularly if you are a little wary of your nails looking too fake, as the silks just covers your natural nail. Fibreglass follows a similar process, only it allows you to extend the natural nail… hiding that nasty nail nibbling habit that so many of us have!

Silk and Fibreglass overlays are performed by trainee therapists (like Cristina) who are enrolled on a Nail Services specific course. Because of this we are only able to offer Silk and Fibreglass Overlays on days that these learners are in the salon. Therefore to book your treatment of the month at LCBT it is advised that you call in advance to book your appointment on 020 7208 1302
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