Shopped out: An entire new Versace wardrobe for this shopper

Big spenders: From left, at the Newcastle launch, Sheridan Henderson, Fern Hughgill and Celine Roels spent over £1,200 on the collection

Triumphant: Three ladies carry their booty home after filling their bags during their allotted 10 minutes

Frontline: Jamie Diamond, left, and Kelly Little, travelled from Bournemouth to stand in the queue at the Kensington store

Shoppers load up their arms with pieces from the collection. Right, a man buys numerous boxes containing jewellery, shoes and accessories

Authentic: The shoppers snapped up the vibrant pieces, which were said to be 'very Versace'

Cateva articole din colectia Versace pentru H&M

Versace for H and MVersace for H and MVersace for H and M

Orange dress £69.99 and yellow and pink silk dresses £129.99 each

Silk dress £79.99, metallic dress £149.99, top £39.99 skirt £69.99 and jacket £149.99